A Full Service Fire/Life Safety System Include Installation Service, testing and Certify the System.

Qualified experts to service and maintain your existing fire alarm systems or provide you with the latest fire life safety & fire extinguishing systems.

Our Specialty :

  • Fire Alarm System
  • Fire alarm central monitoring system
  • Elevator recall system
  • Automatic sprinkler system
  • Electric automatic shut off gas valve and make-up air control
  • Class I (dry) standpipe
  • Class II (wet) standpipe
  • Class III (combine) standpipe
  • Automatic-closing fire assemblies (fire doors)
  • Emergency power battery pack system include emergency exit sign and lighting system
  • Fire escape assembly
  • Fire door smoke detector-magnet system.
  • Automatic sprinkler electric bell system. (included water flow
    switch, tamper switch and bell installation)

  • New Installation & Service of Fire/Life Safety and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Testing, Inspection and Certification, including:
  • LAFD Regulation #4, Title 19, NFPA
  • Standard & Emergency Services of Fire Alarm Systems, Sprinklers & Extinguishing Systems
  • Installation & Service of Central Station Dialers
  • UL Listed Central Station Monitoring Service